our home is Skydive Spain, one of the Swallow Group DZs

The Funshine Boogie Super Heroes

The two original Funshine coaches (back in the day) were...

The Amazing Mikey Carpenter

What you get with Mikey  is a massive amount of energy coupled with unbelievable in air skills... He's like an enourmous flying puppy that wants to play with sticks all day. When those sticks take the form of groups of freelfyers, well there is no stopping him. Often heard yelling Woohooo from the exit, you know you're in for a laugh all the way down. Mikey is extremely flexible possesing the skills necessary to guide complex head down groups through to simple beginner head-up groups. With his 'Just Do It' attitude, you are motivated into wanting to perform. Put him in charge of a tracking group, make it go fast and you'll never see a bigger smile on anyones face.... 'Lets go burn some skyholes....' Never takes much convicing anyone. 

Super Talented Jim Harris

Cool, calm, collected.... Jim has a naturally patient and relaxed style that immediatley puts his students and groups at ease. If Jim was anymore laid back, he would be lying down.... Then mix that with consistency, high standards and attention to detail. Jim's teaching methods help to find your own flying style and make it work for you - we're all different! Focussing on the detail in briefs and debriefs helps to push Jim's students and groups to excel themselves through gaining a thorough understanding of the skydives. Jim's team 'Outbreak Vertical' are a VFS team, with Jim recently making the decision to compete more in this discipline rather than progressing his recent successes in Artistics - He's a trained engineer and likes exact - what more can we say!  

Coaches since...

Skywalkers; Håvard Flaat and Kristian Moxnes
Matt Hill
Bad Lieutenants; James Davies
BERSERK; Marius Sotberg 

All the coaches have completed at world level and have that special magic to bring to the boogie.